Naskh from Suspended sculptures. These series are inspired by Perso-Arabic scripts. The sculptures are suspended from the ceilings and their fluid, curved shapes to a mystical journey of the soul toward truth and union with God same as Sufi whirling performances. Each piece is made of fiberglass base covered with entirely handmade mirrors. The sparkling bright coloured mirror pieces in pixel effects make them logical rather than physical units.

The Naskh is a script invented in the beginning of the third century of the lunar calendar by Ibn Muqla Shirazi, which was originally a script similar to the Kufi script. In fact, the Naskh script was the first script that was invented to complete the defects and problems of the Kufi script and to add Arabic movements, and sounds to make it suitable for the Persian alphabet. But what is certain is that Ibn Moqla improved this script in a way to make it compatible with the Persian alphabet. with this very contemporary mirrorwork Siavash has combined the Persian movements with Arabic rythm to create an abstract reconciliation between the two calligraphies.

DIMENSION: 80 × 220 CM
YEAR: 2023