Siavash Sufinejad

Multidisciplinary artist, Architect & Designer

About me

Abbas (Siavash) Sufi Nejad is a visual artist and designer from architect background. Over the past years, he has received several accolades for his designs, including the European Product Design Award, IDA Design Competition, Sit Furniture Design Award, Paris Design Award (DNA), and A’ Design Awards (2023). He has had several speeches at international conferences on architecture and design. Sufi’s work is distinguished by its fusion of traditional Middle Eastern art and modern design. He often incorporates organic materials such as wood, stone, and metal in his creations, giving them a contemporary touch. His designs are characterized by minimalism and elegance, paired with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. His innovative and timeles artworks are known for creating both beautiful and functional that leave a lasting impression on the art world. He, as an Iranian artist, aspires to promote peace for the people of the globe. His mission is achieving the dream, to bridge cultures from the Middle East to other parts of the world through design and art.

Artist Statement

I see myself as a caveman who orients himself with spirit of the time. Tapping into the same areas of human stimulation as social media, contemporary art is increasingly influenced by the effects of online networking and social media. In my artworks, pixels are just colored square mirror pieces, but the world they create is endless. I create objects, inspired by Eastern mythology that blends traditional and contemporary art by embroidering on the palate. The pixel draws its source from very ancient arts, I can say, it is an ancestral technique because during antiquity it was already used for mosaics for example. In my creative designs, I elevate pixel art to a new level, moving away from flat pixels and into single color cubes while maintaining a retro aesthetic. I use particular materials to create variety of objects including, mirror works, textiles, and 3D decorative items. Most of my creations continues to expand through collaboration with fellow artists, engineers, and craftsmen in various fields.


Project & Portfolio


Connect with me via E-Mail: [email protected]