I have always been amazed by astronomy. Imagining that there are thousands of galaxies in the world and other beings that could live in them has been my mind game since I was a teenager. At that time I was reading books about astronomy and also science fictions by Issac Asimof, and I thought if one day we meet aliens what would we do? Like in horror movies, they might harm us or vice versa, we as humans according to our habit of misbehaving with animals, plants and our planet, we start to abuse and hurt them. There is a law called Meta Law, which says that we humans have no right to harm or abuse aliens if we ever face them. These cute characters, which have been playing in my head for several years, are left behind by their spaceship. And all they think is to return to their own planet. Each of them has separate personalities and different characters.

This green creature has a responsible character … In order to hide from humans, they disguise themselves as objects.